Vehical Transportation

MARSHALL PACKERS & MOVERS can transport your vehicle virtually anywhere around the world. But moving vehicles can be a real challenge and it requires special handling and planning. MARSHALL PACKERS & MOVERS and our partners are specialists in shipping and transportation of recreational vehicles; motorcycles, mini-bikes, mopeds, dune buggies, jet skis,snowmobile, etc.

Our knowledgeable car-shipping experts will provide a superior level of vehicle-shipping service and will determine the appropriate car-shipping equipment, loading / unloading facilities, and handling procedures to accommodate each unique shipment safely and efficiently.


For your international car shipping needs, we provide premier logistics, timely and cost-effective multimodal transportation and top-tier vehicle shipping solutions such as:

  • Containerized (FCL & LCL) shipping.
    Container shipping encompasses a number of different options. We offer 20ft. or 40ft. FCL (Full Container Load) "sole use" container services with only your vehicles in the container, to major ports worldwide.This involves your car being secured within a container with straps and wheel chocks to hold it in place. You effectively pay for the sole use of the container, for your vehicle only. (A number of options are available - at extra cost - should you have other goods and wish to ship them at the same time).
  • Roll on-roll off (RO-RO) shipping.
    Selected destinations are also served by ocean going roll on-roll off car carrier (RO-RO) services. Ro-Ro is a term for roll-on roll-off cargo, which is driven on and off the vessel. Roll on-roll off car carriers are purpose built vessels that are capable of carrying cars, tractors,buses and trucks, or oversized cargo loaded on special flatbed, lowboy trailers. This service is less popular than container shipment due to more physical exposure, but can be more cost effective for certain routes.
  • Conventional on-deck car export
    The vehicle is carried on deck (possibly uncovered), or within the hold of the vessel. There are obvious drawbacks with conventional shipping and we do not recommend this method of shipment wherever other service options are available. Nevertheless, conventional shipment is very cost effective to certain destinations.
  • Full insurance coverage service
    Required when shipping a car.


Many foreign governments will impose duties on your cargo shipment and may have laws that will impact your international vehicle shipment. While we will do our best to inform you of all the potential charges that you may face with for your car shipment, destination charges and importation through the destination port are ultimately the responsibility of the owner of the cargo.

Mar 11, 2011 | Category: Vehical Transportation
Mar 11, 2011 | Category: Vehical Transportation
Mar 11, 2011 | Category: Vehical Transportation