Warehousing and Distribution Services

MARSHALL PACKERS AND MOVERS offers a wide range of distribution solutions that integrates warehousing and distribution management. Distribution constitutes a major portion of logistics expenses and recognizing this fact, MARSHALL PACKERS AND MOVERS combines strong know-how, latest technology, and customized freight management service to achieve breakthrough cost and continuous service improvement.

We customize our warehousing services to your unique requirements. Companies of all sizes have trusted us to store and distribute their products. Now see for yourself!

Services Include:

  • Experience, staffing, equipment, and security—we have a systems that help us to provide order status, track inventory and safeguard your specific product.
  • Nationwide and International network of facilities to accommodate retail or direct-to-consumer distribution.
  • Dedicated or multi-client facilities.
  • Labeling, price ticketing and repackaging.
  • Order customization (made-to-order service).
  • Quality Management System.
  • Some of our products includes:
    • General commodities (paper, plastics, etc.)
    • Industrial parts
    • Consumer Goods
    • Electronics & High Tech
    • Consumer Health Care and Beauty Products
  • Export Services: order execution, consolidation, crating, container stuffing, booking, documentation and brokers’ assignment.
  • Wide Network of brokers and international freight forwarding companies.
  • Carrier selection, price negotiation and management
  • Shipment status and tracking.

If you need warehousing and distribution services please contact us today to discuss how Marshall Packers and Movers warehousing and distribution services can drive your business forward. MARSHALL PACKERS AND MOVERS will be a virtual extension of your business with the benefit of convenience, flexibility, and cost-effective service.


If you are moving and have not located your home in the new city yet or decided to do some remodeling before moving into the new home, therefore have household goods that need to be stored, MARSHALL PACKERS AND MOVERS can safely store your belongings while they are waiting to be relocated or for longer periods of time, depending on your needs.

Mar 11, 2011 | Category: Warehousing and Storage
Mar 11, 2011 | Category: Warehousing and Storage
Mar 11, 2011 | Category: Warehousing and Storage